Dear Fani! Dear colleagues!

I want to once again sincerely thank you and all Greek colleagues for the help you provided to Ukrainians in the first months of the war and continue to provide. Believe me, we really appreciate it. Every word, every action, every euro in support of Ukraine is very important.

But the war continues, and the worst thing is that the enemy destroys residential buildings and infrastructure. 4,000 private houses were destroyed in Kyiv region alone. The most destroyed is the small village of Moschun, 7 km from Kyiv, where not a single whole house remains. However, residents continue to live there – in tents, sheds, just in the yard.

Together with the volunteer public organization SaveUkraine Team, we take part in the reconstruction of this village. We found a simple, modular, very quickly assembled, ecological and energy-saving house based on plywood with cellulose insulation, which meets all European standards. The construction period of the house is two weeks, the price is 50,000 euros with equipment (doors, windows, roof, plumbing, electricity).

We are currently collecting money for the first four houses and ask you to help us. Even 10 euros will speed up the solution to this problem.

The SaveUkraine Team website has a very simple mechanism for personal contribution.

For transfer from a legal organization, we provide details.

Bank details

Purpose of payment: Charitable donation for renovation of Moshchun village


Beneficiary organization Public Organization “Association of Human Rights”



Name of the bank

Bank SWIFT Code

Beneficiary organization address UA 04071 Kyiv, Naberezhno-Luhova street, b. 6B

Purpose of payment Charitable donation for renovation of Moshchun village

I will personally monitor the construction process and report for every euro.

Colleagues who manage the SaveUkraine Team website sign an agreement with each resident. We attach the house plan and construction terms to the agreement. Separately, we sign an agreement with the administration of the territorial community of Gostomel, which includes Moschun

Attached is a presentation on Moschun, which I prepared for my Swedish colleagues and ACE with preliminary plans and view of houses..

With gratitude, Olena Oliynyk, vice-president of NSAU